For nearly ninety years Spring Valley Pediatrics has been delivering exceptional medical care to the children of the Washington metropolitan area.

"Dr. Van Vleck thinks ahead to help my daughters prepare for summer, for social dynamics, athletics, and other things that go along with their ages. She provides 360 degrees of care in a kind and respectful manner." -M.C.

"We have been patients for 7 years and would not think about switching practices. The level of detail and advocacy that Dr. Sexter gives is most impressive. She is the best! We sleep better knowing that our son is in Dr. Sexter’s care. I’m so happy we found her." -D.Z.

"The kids both love seeing Dr. Long and she is always so thorough. It’s always a wonderful experience." -L.G.

"We love Spring Valley Pediatrics overall. We have always had great experiences and they are so willing to take the extra time with us every time we are sick. Our pediatrician, Dr. Caroline Van Vleck is the best pediatrician we have ever had. She cares for my children as if they were her own." -C.S.

"Dr. Sexter has always been pleasant, attentive and patient with my daughters as patients, and very patient with me when I have questions. She is thorough and always takes the necessary time to accurately diagnose my child. Her nurse Jennifer is exceptionally responsive, helpful, and the office is very well organized." -J.F.

"We are so grateful for the wonderful and dedicated care that Dr. Sexter has given to our daughter over the years — we could come to her with any problem, and she always helped her in such a compassionate and brilliant way. And we have always found the Spring Valley practice so lovely and accommodating, from the great nurses, to the lab, weekend hours, and morning call in times." –M.G.

"Dr. Long was very likable and easy to talk to. She immediately made my 5-year old feel comfortable. She explained things clearly and was a pleasure in general." -L.B.

"Dr. Long is always great with my daughter and very thorough. She is never rushed and always takes the time necessary to treat my daughter." -J.W.

"Dr. Palumbo has been my children’s pediatrician for 10 years. He is great with all the kids. He spends time during the visits. He is extremely patient and overall a great and reassuring doctor." -M.S.

"I brought in my sick and unhappy ten month old for a visit. We were able to easily schedule an appointment to get in quickly to see the doctor. Dr. Palumbo was so comforting to her while he examined her. It’s never fun to have a sick child, but Dr. Palumbo and Spring Valley Pediatrics ensure that our children are seen quickly and are well cared for." -D.B.

"Dr. Palumbo is holistic, wisely conservative with medication, and discusses avenues to pursue with patient and parent." -N.Y.

"We’ve been seeing Dr. Warfield for 12 years and really couldn’t be happier with his care. He is diligent in diagnosis, willing to listen and very thorough. He is compassionate with the children and they love him." -N.S.

"Dr. Warfield is an exceptional pediatrician. He relates well to both the children and their parents by making both feel at ease in sometimes difficult situations. I feel free to call the office day and night with any questions and I know I will get a quick and thoughtful response." -A.M.

"Dr. Warfield is a great physician. He is so gentle with our children and I always feel like they are in excellent care with him. He always takes the time to listen to my concerns, evaluate the situation, and thoughtfully discuss the possibilities." -J.M.

"Dr. Warfield is a warm and engaging physician, always happy to spend time getting to know the patient. He is a very kind and helpful man, an amazing doctor who will listen and follow up." -F.L.

"We have been seeing Dr. Warfield since my son was born 11 years ago. He always takes the time to do a thorough examination and answer any questions we have. He is knowledgeable and extremely kind. We have total confidence in Dr. Warfield and recommend him to all our friends. He is also really great with kids." -R.P.

"The doctors at Spring Valley Pediatrics are fantastic, caring, responsible, and responsive. Overall we have a great experience every time we come." -Z.Y.

"The practice will always let us schedule same day appointments and they are always able to fit us in. All the doctors are very kind and willing to spend extra time answering my questions." -N.C.

"I love that I can call in the morning and speak to my doctor directly during their call-in time. I never have a problem getting an appointment." -T.W.

"The doctors at Spring Valley Pediatrics have been wonderful in guiding both of my children - and us, as parents -- through complex chronic illnesses. We have two children in their 20’s now and we will greatly miss the care we have received." –M.G.

"We LOVE Dr. Sexter!! This is one of the best practices in the entire metropolitan area. We saw Dr. Palumbo for years before switching to Dr. Sexter several years ago when my daughter (entering adolescence) requested a female doctor. They are both superb." –P.G.

Founded in 1930 by Dr. Charles Crawford and Dr. Montgomery Blair, Jr., this practice was one of the first medical offices focused solely on the medical care of infants and children in the Washington area.

For nearly ninety years Spring Valley Pediatrics has been delivering exceptional medical care to the children of the Washington metropolitan area.

Founded in 1930 by Dr. Charles Crawford and Dr. Montgomery Blair, Jr., this practice was one of the first medical offices focused solely on the medical care of infants and children in the Washington area. Dr. Blair, a native Washingtonian and member of an esteemed American political family, was an early pioneer in the nascent field of pediatrics. His great grandfather, Francis Preston Blair, Sr., was a valued member of President Zachary Taylor’s “kitchen cabinet”. His grandfather, Montgomery Blair, Sr., was a trusted and loyal member of Abraham Lincoln’s war cabinet serving as postmaster general during the Civil War. The family’s original home, across the street from the White House and now known as Blair House, is currently the official residence of visiting foreign dignitaries on official government business. Dr. Blair was a graduate of Harvard Medical School and received his pediatric training from some of the best pediatric minds of the day at the renowned Boston’s Children’s Hospital.

1930 – 1954

From 1930 through 1942, Drs. Blair and Crawford delivered some of the earliest and best of pediatric care to the children of Washington. As Dr. Blair’s medical practice and his wide ranging commitments within the local pediatric community continued to grow, he was joined in practice by Dr. William Howard in 1940. After a tour of medical service duty in Europe during World War II, Dr. Blair rejoined the practice and became active in early clinical research in the rapidly advancing field of infant and child care and was a key figure in the expansion and growth of Children’s Hospital of the District of Columbia, now known as Children’s National Medical Center. Dr. Blair became Medical Director of Children’s Hospital in 1946, combining administrative and pediatric expertise for the first time in the role of hospital director. In 1947, as an outgrowth of his interest in clinical research, Dr. Blair founded and served as the first president of The Research Foundation of Children’s Hospital which, under his leadership, contributed significant scientific advancements in the growing field of pediatrics. After a distinguished career, Dr. Blair resigned his positions at Children’s Hospital in 1954.


Dr. Howard continued to be very active in the clinical care of children in his office based practice and became nationally recognized as an expert in childhood allergy, eventually becoming chairman of the Department of Pediatric Allergy at Children’s Hospital. He was subsequently joined in clinical pediatric practice by Drs. Gordon Daisley and Beale Ong, who continued the tradition of active clinical practice with extensive commitments to Children’s Hospital and advancement of the field of pediatrics. Dr. Ong, with training in both pediatrics and pediatric neurology, served as chairman of the medical staff of Children’s Hospital and served as consultant to several schools and community organizations throughout northwest Washington. He also was the author of a parenting self-help guide, “The Doctor’s Call Hour”, which was popular in its time. Dr. Daisley retired from active practice in 1985, Dr. Howard in 1988 and Dr. Ong in 2008. Dr Franklin Stroud joined Drs. Howard, Daisley and Ong in early 1970’s and maintained a busy practice in general pediatrics with a special interest in learning disabilities until his untimely death in 2008. The current physician members of this venerable Washington institution, now known as Spring Valley Pediatrics, continue to strive to deliver the best of cutting edge, comprehensive pediatric care while continuing the tradition of community service and active participation in medical student education.

Over the decades, the office has moved from Cathedral Avenue to the Foxhall Square Building on New Mexico Avenue and finally to our current location at 4850 Massachusetts Avenue, NW.

The tradition of delivering the highest quality of personalized pediatric care, based on research and evidence based medicine, continues today.

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