Halloween 2020

This blog post was originally posted on The Scout Guide Washington, DC

While nothing has felt normal in the past 7 months, it is particularly jarring that going into the holiday season (which definitely starts with Halloween in our household) we are having to thoughtfully modify our annual traditions to keep our families healthy. The usual plans are either on hold or getting re-engineered as we figure out how to celebrate while staying safe. Thankfully there are ways to delight in the spooky night – which is extra special this year with a blue moon – and still maintain health department recommendations.

Show Off Your Mask
If there is any holiday that makes mask wearing cool, it’s Halloween! Get your kids a festive one in a pumpkin print or find a way to work it into their costume. However, please do not have your child wear a cloth mask under a costume mask – that can make breathing difficult – and children under the age of 2 should be mask-free.

Get Creative
There are plenty of fun ways to celebrate the holiday without trick or treating. Do an outdoor movie night on your block; we will be watching “Coco” with families on socially distanced blankets that Saturday night. Set up a scavenger hunt for your kids to find Halloween treats or candy around your yard or neighborhood. Our family also loves the “Boo Bags” that anonymously appear at our front door and lets our kids gift treats to their friends in a safe and stealthy way.

Trick or Treating
If you do decide to go trick or treating, take a few extra precautions this year. Stay six feet apart from other families and don’t congregate around doorsteps or porches. Make sure your children are always accompanied by an adult who will ensure mask wearing and social distancing is maintained plus carry a container of hand sanitizer to use after each house. Save all that delicious candy for once you are back home, costumes are off, and kids are bathed – eating while you’re on the go poses more of a risk of getting sick as kids are messing with their masks and putting potentially contaminated fingers in their mouths.

Though the novel coronavirus is at the forefront of our minds, there are normal Halloween safety precautions to take into account, too. For more tips on having a fun and safe Halloween, check out this previous blog post.

Halloween 2020 may look a little different but it can still be fun! You might even add some of these new ideas to your annual traditions. Happy haunting!